About Birth Roots

Birth Roots is a birth & postpartum doula agency rooted in Vero Beach, Florida. Empathy & service are the cornerstones in which Birth Roots was built on.

At Birth Roots we firmly believe everyone deserves a safe, well-informed birth experience where they are made to feel valued, respected, and most of all, supported. We understand that birth looks different for everyone and we’re committed to supporting you and your growing family.

Doula care begins well before your due date and can continue into your first months postpartum should you be interested in further support. We are equipped with the tools you need to feel prepared and supported from the time you begin labor, until first latch.
Kristen Kaiser | Vero Beach Doula

Kristen M. Kaiser, Founder

About Kristen Kaiser

The Birth Roots Community

Birth Roots is proud to partner and build community with women who provide services that seamlessly align with ours to further serve our clients. With a growing list of trusted partners, you’re in good hands with these compassionate and knowledgeable women whose main goal is your comfort.

[ We strive to make clear that we welcome all to our practice. We do not discriminate against our clients on any basis of race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, religion, age, or prior experience. Thank you for choosing to connect and establish a relationship with Birth Roots. ]